How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

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Over time, many factors can contribute to the decline in your home’s indoor air quality: pet fur, dust from outside, mold spores, etc. And as your home’s indoor air begins to contain these particulates, you could begin to experience a number of health problems, big and small.

If your indoor air is causing you to feel ill in some way or another, you need to call a professional indoor air quality professional. With air quality services, your professional will help you avoid the many health problems that come from dirty air — problems which include the following:

Red, Itchy Eyes

As pet dander, mold spores, and other nasty particles infiltrate your home’s indoor air supply, you could begin to suffer from red, itchy eyes. Your eyes would water much of the time and be so itchy and uncomfortable that you’d struggle to get anything done.

To remedy this problem, you might have to get eye medication. But, of course, over time, that solution can become quite costly. A much more permanent and affordable choice is to have your indoor air cleaned to prevent your eyes from becoming red and itchy.

Persistent Fatigue

With overall dirty indoor air, your general energy levels could dip. This decline in energy could be due to exhaustion from lack of rest that itchy eyes and such can cause. Or it could even be another symptom of dirty indoor air itself.

Whatever the case may be, if your home’s indoor air is leaving you feeling tired all the time, you’ll want to get it cleaned up pronto. Otherwise, you’d risk being unproductive for much of the time and feeling generally unrested and unmotivated.

Upset Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, then indoor air is bound to be the bane of your existence. With all the dust, pollen, animal fur, and such that can circulate within your home’s air supply, your allergies could flare up and stay flared up, leaving you feeling generally unwell.

When your allergies become a constant problem, especially when in your home, then you need to look into getting your indoor air cleaned. By removing the upsetting particles in your home’s air supply, you’ll be able to reduce your allergy symptoms and feel overall better.

Respiratory Issues

Have you begun to develop a persistent cough? Are you wheezing more and more these days? Does it always feel as though you have something in your chest, something that you seem incapable of fixing? If so, then you are suffering from respiratory issues.

Respiratory issues can become a nonstop issue if your home’s indoor air quality is low-quality. When you begin to experience nonstop respiratory issues, you need to have your indoor air quality cleaned up before those issues can develop into more serious health problems.

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