Heat Pump Repair Services in Westchester

    Heat Pump Repairs WestchesterYour heating is a hugely important part of your home: it’s responsible in large part for the comfort and the security that you and your family depend on from your home. The winters here in Westchester can be very brutal, and going without heat during the coldest part of the year can be a huge inconvenience—when temperatures get to their lowest points, any amount of ineffectiveness with your heating system can be a matter of safety and health. Whether you’re using your heat pump as a main heat source or to supplement another heating unit, any heat pump repairs you need should be handled as quickly as possible by a professional.

    Heat pumps can be used to heat your home during the winter months, and they can also help you keep your home cooler during the summer months. In both cases, your heat pump can do a lot to increase your home’s energy efficiency. But in order to have a positive effect of your HVAC system, your heat pump needs professional heating services to be in excellent condition.

    If you’ve noticed that your heat pump isn’t functioning properly, or that it’s having any problems at all, call the professional Westchester heating contractors at Premier Comfort as soon as possible for assistance.


    Heat Pump Efficiency

    Heat pumps are a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your Westchester home, but they do come with one catch: heat pumps start to lose a lot their efficiency and effectiveness when temperatures drop below 45° F. And when the winter months are in full swing, that’s a not terribly strange occurrence.

    The reason for this decrease in efficiency is that heat pumps use only a small percentage of their energy source (e.g., gas) to create heat. Most of the heat that a heat pump produces it actually extracts from the ground and air outside and then pumps it back into your home. This means that heat pumps use less energy than other heating units, but it also means that they’ll have difficulty working if the temperatures outside are too cold.

    This is why heat pumps are so frequently used as supplementary heat sources (especially in colder regions). They do a fantastic job of making other heating units much more energy efficient.

    Regardless of outside temperatures, however, heat pumps will be increasingly inefficient if they do not receive proper care and maintenance.


    Heat Pump Inspections

    Any problems that you have with you heat pump should be taken care of as soon as possible. If they aren’t, the energy efficiency of your heat pump will decline very quickly. However, if you’re using your heat pump as a supplemental heat source, it can be difficult to tell which unit is malfunctioning.

    Our professionals can inspect your heating system and help you determine where the problems are stemming from, then we’ll get your heat pump back into the best condition possible.


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