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Heating Installations WestchesterYour heating system is one of the most important parts of the comfort and relaxation that you and your family rely on your home providing you with, especially during the winter months. When the temperatures reach their lowest points, it’s very important that your Westchester home’s heating system is always running as well as possible. Your heater will be used very frequently, and because you’ll need it to produce so much heat, you need to make sure that it’s always in the best condition possible—and keeping your heating unit in great condition begins with a quality installation.

At Premier Comfort, we have the heating services that you need to guarantee a high quality installation of any type of heating unit. All of our Westchester HVAC contractors are licensed, trained, and insured. We can assist you with the installation of any type of heating unit, including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and even ductless systems.

We’ll make sure that all our heating installations are completed in accordance with local and federal codes and guidelines, and that you’re completely satisfied with the work we provide.


Professional Heating Installation Technicians

When you hire Premier Comfort for a heating installation, we can guarantee that you’ll receive the highest quality installation and workmanship possible. We’ll make sure that there are no problems that rise with your heating system because of the installation, and we’ll make sure that the installation has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of your Westchester home.

The job will be done promptly and professionally, and all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Why Hire a Professional for a Heating Installation?

Some homeowners do attempt to install heating units on their own, but this job can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have the proper training, experience, and tools. Heating installations require professional grade equipment, as well as tremendous experience and expertise. Also, if any mistakes are made during the job, they can be very difficult to fix.

The average Westchester homeowner should always hire a professional to complete any heating installation. There are three general steps that require a qualified and experienced professional:

  • Turning off the main power source – Heating units can’t just plugged into an outlet in your home: they need to be directly wired into your home’s main electrical source. Before any installation, the entire power source needs to shut down completely so that the unit can be hooked up directly to your home’s wiring. Any mistakes made during this process could result in a house fire, serious injuries, or worse.
  • Removal and replacement of the old unit – Removing your home’s old heating unit isn’t as simple as dragging it out the curb. You’ll need to have a professional technician cut and grind several metal parts in order to remove the older unit, which requires specialized tools and skills. The installation of the new unit also needs to be done perfectly or it could not run properly, not work at all, or become a major safety hazard.
  • Modifying your ducts – Often, your home’s ducts will need to be replaced or modified for a proper installation. If that’s the case, our professionals will recognize the problem and make all of the necessary adjustments.


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