Pros And Cons Of A Gas Furnace: Is One Right for You?

gas furnace

A gas furnace can either be the best investment you made or the worst thing that ever happened to your Westchester area home. Really, this problem (or potential non-problem) is pretty subjective: It all depends on how to view the draws and drawbacks inherent in this heating installation.

If you don’t know what those draws and drawbacks are, don’t worry. You can learn all you need to know by giving this article a quick read. In it, we’ll outline some of the major pros and cons that a gas furnace has to offer, and with this information, you’ll be able to determine for sure whether this heating option is right for your home.

Gas Furnace Cons

While a gas furnace largely offers things to love, it isn’t without its downsides, and we would be remiss if we were to skim over those downsides. So, in all fairness, we want you to be aware that with a gas furnace, you could face the following cons:

  • Indoor Air Quality Issues – The quality of your home’s indoor air directly affects the quality of your home’s cleanliness and, worse still, the quality of your health. If you’re fastidious about maintaining clean indoor air quality, you may want to look to another heating option, as a gas furnace has a high likelihood of releasing combusted materials into your air supply.
  • High Upfront Cost – Of course, you can always get air filters and that sort of thing to offset any air quality problems. What you can’t offset, though, is the upfront cost of a gas furnace — which can be quite high. If you’re shopping for a low-budget heating option, you may want to look elsewhere.

Gas Furnace Pros

Now that you’ve gotten through the less-than-selling points that come with a gas furnace, are you still considering this heating option? If so, you might just be totally sold when you find out the benefits that one hast offer. After all, a gas furnace has these great benefits to offer:

  • Excellent Heating – Why do you get a heater? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? You get it to heat your home. So, when it comes to your heating needs, the warmer and the more instant, the better, right? Of course right, and in that respect, you’ll find few options better than a gas furnace.
  • Long Service Life – Any installation you get for your home should be made to last for a good long time to come. If you’re looking for a heating installation that will give you plenty of years of dependable use, you need to invest in a gas furnace. This option provides an unrivaled service life.
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements – Life is expensive, and you’re surely always on the lookout for ways you can reduce your expenses in any way you can. When it comes to your HVAC maintenance expenses, you’ll find a great way to get and keep them under control is to get a gas water heater thanks to its durability and few maintenance needs.

Call Our Westchester Heating Company for Your Gas Furnace Needs

So, have you decided that a gas furnace is, in fact, the right choice for you? If you have, go ahead and call Premier Comfort today. With our furnace work, our Westchester heating company can outfit your home with a quality furnace and keep it working its best so that you can enjoy all of the great benefits it has to offer.

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