How to Have the Most Efficient Air Conditioner in Westchester

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When your air conditioner is inefficient, you can end up spending a lot more than you should on energy costs. Cooling your home is a huge percentage of your energy bills during the summer months, so saving on that can really help you save on all of your Westchester home’s energy costs.

You may need to have a professional at Premier Comfort perform maintenance or repairs on your Air Conditioner. But there are also some things you can do ensure that you’re saving as much as possible on your cooling costs during the summer months:

Keep it Clean

Your Westchester air conditioner’s ducts and air filters need to be clean in order for the unit to maintain efficiency. Sometimes you may need a professional duct cleaning, but you can often get to them on your own.

Changing your air filters once every three months during the cooling season will ensure that your air conditioner isn’t having to work too hard to cool your home. Make sure your system is clean, and you’ll definitely see a significant drop in your energy costs.

Yearly Tune-Ups in Westchester

Tune-ups do require professional assistance, but the benefits are apparent and well worth it.

Having a tune-up once a year will guarantee you don’t have any emergency repairs pop up and surprise you during the cooling season.
Any problems that were looming will be taken care of before they turn into trouble or cause more damage.
Tune-ups are the best thing you can do to ensure the efficiency and well-being of your air conditioner. Call Premier Comfort to have your Westchester AC tuned up before the summer season begins.

Get the Flue

If you have a fireplace in your Westchester home, leaving the flue open can mean that you’re wasting much of the air you’re spending money to condition. Much of the air you’ve spent energy on conditioning could escape through the flue of your chimney. Your damper may be at the top or bottom of your flue, but making sure it’s closed will prevent conditioned air from escaping.


Sometimes you aren’t losing energy efficiency from the air conditioner itself, but from un-insulated or un-sealed parts of your home. A large part of your air conditioning can be lost through cracks in doorways, windows, and attics. Making sure that your Westchester home is properly sealed and insulated can significantly reduce your energy costs.


Ceiling fans can take a lot of the work that air conditioning units do away, helping your air circulate throughout your home. To cut down on the energy your Westchester Air conditioning uses to cool your home, try placing booster fans in the windows of hotter rooms to help maintain the temperature and take some pressure off of your HVAC system.

Get the Timing Right

Limiting the time that you use heat-producing appliances like washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, and ovens to the coolest parts of the day will also cut down on the energy you use to cool your home.

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