Basic Introduction to Radiant Heating for Peekskill Residents

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When we think of heating our Peekskill residences during the winter time, we think of traditional heaters, boilers, and furnaces. These tried and true methods are great in that they are highly capable of generating the warmth and comfort that our family deserves. However, the home heating specialists at Premier Comfort Inc. provide a new heating option called radiant heating that has unique benefits that Peekskill residents should be aware about.

Radiant heating in Peekskill is now a widely accepted and extremely effective alternative to traditional heating systems. In sum, the major difference between radiant heating and traditional heating is that radiant generates heat directly in the walls and beneath the floors of your home. Traditional heat systems generate heat at one specific source, then they transfer heated air throughout the ductwork of your home.

The heating contractors at Premier Comfort Inc. seek to provide the Peekskill community with all the options for their heating needs. As such, they have provided this basic guide as to the major benefits of radiant heating systems. Their Peekskill contractors can install and maintain a radiant heating system in your home. You and your family will enjoy the following benefits thanks to their expert radiant heating services.

Radiant Heating Promotes Energy Efficiency

Traditional heating systems, also known as forced-air heating systems, are not as energy efficient as radiant systems. Forced-air heating systems generate heat at one source then pump it throughout your Peekskill residence. During the time in which the warm air is going through your ductwork, the air cools before reaching its intended location. This energy loss is called duct losses.

Radiant heating heats each room directly so there are no substantial energy losses that result from heat transfer. Because home heating is such a large part of our Peekskill energy consumption, the increased energy efficiency that results from radiant heating systems can be fairly substantial.

Radiant Heating Promotes Indoor Air Quality in Westchester

Radiant heat is also preferable over forced-air heating systems from an indoor air quality perspective. Forced-air heating systems circulate the air in your home up to 7 times a day. The average American household generates an average of 40 pounds of indoor particulate per year. As such, this irritating dust is constantly circulated throughout your home and its ductwork by traditional heating systems.

Radiant heating systems do not circulated air throughout the home. As such, the dust and particulate do not buildup within your Peekskill ductwork. As such, radiant systems improve indoor air quality. This unique benefit makes a radiant heating system great for a Peekskill family that has a family member who suffers from allergies of asthma.

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